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Downtown Disco originally debuted in Cleveland, successfully hosting events from 2017-2019, prior to the onset of the pandemic. Now returning for the first time since the COVID outbreak, this event is poised to make headlines in Columbus.

This party has been one of Cleveland’s best kept secrets with many guests calling it "The most fun night of the year." 2019 was a peak for the event, when it reached its first 1,000 guest sellout. After a temporary pause, the event was ready to build upon past success in the vibrant city of Columbus. In 2022, Downtown Disco came roaring back and as it was a sellout event at the Bluestone in Columbus. 2024 will mark our 3rd annual Downtown Disco Columbus event.

What makes this party a can't miss event? Event founder Chuck Mulé gives his best answer, "The whole night brings about an overwhelmingly positive and fun atmosphere. Our event attracts multiple generations ranging from college students to baby boomers & they each do a fantastic job dressing up and truly succeed at recreating the disco era. It sets the tone for a great night of dancing for this multi-generational bash.”

As a genre, Disco represents inclusiveness, self-expression, and all-around good vibes. This special event captures these themes and brings a diverse audience together on the dance floor to party like it’s 1975.

2019 Downtown Disco Cleveland Highlight Reel
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